Affording Justice 07 3236 3000

How it Works

Step 1: Initial contact

You contact us by phone or using our web contact form, telling us a bit about your problem.

Step 2: We confirm and book service

We confirm your problem is one we can help with, and make a booking for you to talk to one of our lawyers in our Brisbane office or by telephone or video conference, whichever you prefer.   This first booking will be for Legal Advice.

Step 3: Talk to our lawyer

You talk to one of our lawyers for Legal Advice.

Step 4: We confirm in writing

We email you our lawyer’s notes of your conversation, so you are clear about what we have discussed.  This makes it easier for you to take the next step if you are handling your problem yourself.

Step 5: More help if you need it

If you want more help from us, we can arrange more Legal Advice or Legal Task Help or Legal Representation.  We can do this at the end of your first appointment, or you can call us or email us when you are ready to take the next step.

Our conditions of service

We four important conditions of service and we require your agreement to them before we can help you.  These are:

  • You are responsible for the accuracy of the information you provide to us, and you acknowledge that the advice you receive is based on that information.
  • You request your Tax Invoice to be emailed to you
  • You agree to pay us immediately after you receive our service
  • At the conclusion of our service, you remain responsible for protecting your own rights and interests in your legal matter, including complying with any time limits that may apply to your case.