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How Much Does It Cost?

We have fixed prices for our services.

All prices include GST.  We offer a discount on legal advice services for clients who have used our service before, and for clients who use our client-only web form to provide some information about their problem before the consultation with our lawyer.

If you have special circumstances that make it difficult for you to use our web form, let us know, so that we can consider your special circumstances when setting our fee for your service.

You use our web form OR You have used our services before You do not use our web form AND This is your first service with us
Legal Advice
Express advice $120 $145
Standard advice $200 $225
Extended advice $275 $300
Family Law Specialist Advice $330 $355

Legal Task Help & Legal Representation

We aim to provide you with a fixed price for legal task help and legal representation, based on the type of help you need and the extent of legal work required.

In some cases, where the extent of work to be done is not clear, we will give you a costs estimate based on the number of hours we think the work will take.