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Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal ( QCAT )

Why get legal help for QCAT?

Although QCAT is designed for people to represent themselves, it is a good idea to get some legal help with your case.  QCAT staff are helpful, but they cannot give you legal advice.  The sorts of things legal advice can help you with are:

  • Making sure your case is one that can be dealt with by QCAT  – sometimes this is not clear and getting advice before you start can save you time and money
  • Your prospects of success – so you can decide whether it is worth bringing or defending a claim
  • The process for and likely success of enforcing a QCAT decision- so you can make an informed decision at the outset about whether it is worth bringing your claim
  • How to complete documents correctly so that you have best chance of success
  • How to prepare for QCAT processes like mediation and hearing to put your best case forward and give yourself the best chance of success.

Why get legal help from Affording Justice for QCAT?

Our practice focus is dealing with the legal problems of everyday life.  This means we are frequently helping people with QCAT cases, and you can benefit from our knowledge and expertise.  For many law firms, QCAT cases are something they do occasionally.  For us it is our everyday work.

We take a very practical approach to resolving your dispute in the quickest and most cost effective way.  For example, cases sometimes resolve when the other party sees that you are serious about pursuing your claim, so we often send a letter of demand for clients before they start QCAT proceedings which can lead to an early settlement.

Our services are designed to be cost effective by providing as much or as little help as you need.

  • For many of our clients, some legal advice at the start and perhaps some follow up advice on the way through the process, is as much help as they need.
  • Our Legal Task Help service can help with the parts that you find difficult, but still allow you to conduct your own case.  For example, we can help you prepare Affidavits to use in evidence or Submissions about why your case should succeed that you can hand up to the Tribunal in a hearing.
  • In most cases in QCAT, it is necessary to get leave to be legally represented.  Where leave is granted, we can represent you at a hearing if that is the service you want.  People sometimes choose this option when the matter is one of great importance to them and they do not feel that they can put their case effectively themselves.

We offer fixed fees for most QCAT work.