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How do you finalise your financial arrangements after separation?

Article from: Family and relationships

After a marriage or de facto relationship ends, there are financial issues to be sorted out.  If you do nothing, then the property stays with the person who legally owns it (i.e. the person whose name it is in).  Sometimes this is fair, but sometimes this can cause an injustice. So the law provides that … Read More »

Why talk to a lawyer about parenting?

Article from: Family and relationships

Most people only think of getting legal advice if things have gone wrong.  But parents who live apart from their child’s other parent (either because of a relationship breakdown, or because they never lived together in the first place) can benefit from legal advice that is focussed on preventing problems arise. There is still a … Read More »

What rights do grandparents have?

Article from: Family and relationships

Grandparents often play an important role in the life of their grandchildren and are specifically recognised in the Family Law Act, which provides: Children have a right to spend time on a regular basis with, and communicate on a regular basis with, both their parents and other people significant to their care, welfare and development (such as grandparents and … Read More »

Is possession nine tenths of the law?

Article from: About the law

Yesterday someone called us with a simple question: Is possession nine tenths of the law?  We all know from general life experience that being in possession of something that someone else wants is a position of power.  But does it strengthen your legal position as well? As with so many legal questions the answer begins: … Read More »