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Is your redundancy genuine?

Article from: About the law

Recently we have had a number of inquiries from people being made redundant from their jobs. Most people understand that a genuine redundancy means that your employer does not need the job to be done anymore. However many people (employers and employees) overlook the other requirements for a genuine redundancy. A dismissal is not a … Read More »

How are workplace rights protected?

Article from: About the law

The Fair Work laws protect workplace rights. ┬áIf an employer takes adverse action against an employee because they exercise a workplace right, or to stop them exercising a workplace right, the employee can make a “General Protections Application” to Fair Work Australia. The scope of this is very wide – it applies to all employers, … Read More »

What sorts of employment problems do you need legal help for?

Article from: About the law

Since starting Affording Justice in January, we have been surprised by the high number of queries we get for employment problems, from both employees and small business employers. Employees tend to want help to: make sure they are getting their fair entitlements on redundancy protect their rights in an unfair dismissal situation deal with workplace … Read More »