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What We Do

Who we help

We help individuals and small businesses with the legal problems of everyday life.

We have designed our services to remove the barriers that stop people getting legal help.

In particular, we provide

  • Help over the telephone, by videoconference and by email
  • An initial fixed fee advice service with written advice about your options
  • A flexible way of working with you where you choose how much you use our service to get best value
  • Transparent pricing, so you know exactly what our service will cost
  • Same day or next day service.

Our services are particularly useful to people who:

  • Need to know where to start with using the law to solve a problem, or
  • Need an affordable alternative to the traditional way of engaging a lawyer for full representation.

The problems we help with

We provide help with most personal legal problems and with many of the everyday problems of small business. If we can’t help with your problem, we will tell you this up front and won’t charge you any fee.

For problems based in Queensland

Because we are based in Queensland, we can help with most problems that occur here.  The sorts of problems we help with include:

  • Family law (married and de facto) including separation, divorce, arrangements for children, dividing property after separation and child support
  • Consumer problems, including dealing with traders, banks, insurance companies, phone companies and internet providers
  • Employment problems
  • Money and debt problems, whether you owe the money, or someone owes you money
  • Discrimination and human rights
  • Legal issues arising from death
  • Problems arising from mental health and disability, including guardianship
  • Problems about your personal safety including domestic violence, and your rights if you are a victim of a crime
  • General household problems like tenancy, building and repairs, body corporate issues, neighbour issues
  • Problems to do with cars, including buying and selling cars, loans over cars, and claims for property damage from car accidents
  • Problems dealing with all levels of government and government agencies
  • Dealing with lawyers, including what to look for when choosing a lawyer for representation and how to compare costs agreements.

For problems outside Queensland

For problems outside Queensland, we can help with those that are covered by Commonwealth law, including:

  • Family law
  • Consumer law
  • Bankruptcy

Feel free to contact us to see if we can help with your problem.

We provide three services:

1. Legal Advice

2. Legal Task Help

3. Legal Representation