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How are we different to traditional legal practice?

We focus on the legal problems of everyday life

We focus on the legal problems of everyday life.  We make this our focus, because we believe more people could exercise their legal rights if they could get easy access to advice, and help with taking steps themselves to solve legal problems.

We don’t specialise in an area of law.  We specialise in supporting clients to find the most efficient and cost effective solutions for every day legal problems.

We provide as much or as little help as you need, working with you to decide what work we will do to ensure you get best value for money.

We remove the barriers to getting professional assistance, because when you use our services you know exactly how much it will cost up front, and you choose the level of service you want from us.

We focus on doing the essentials efficiently

We focus on the essential features of legal practice – you talking to a lawyer about your problem, and make this as accessible and low cost as possible.  This means we:

  • ask you to provide relevant information to us by web-form and email before our lawyers talk to you, so you get most value from the time you spend with the lawyer
  • do as much business as we can by phone, email and videoconference
  • make use of the latest, low cost technology that supports a virtual office so we need less office space.

We do not compromise on quality

The one thing we don’t stint on is the quality of our staff.  Our  advice lawyers are all experienced, because that is important in providing realistic advice about how to solve problems.  Our paralegals and junior lawyers are highly trained and work within a strict supervision system.  All our staff must have great technical skills, but we only recruit people who also have excellent communication skills and can build rapport with clients.  We also only recruit people who are committed to ethical practice and to expanding access to justice and want to use their skills to help ordinary people and small businesses use the legal system to solve their problems.