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Where Can You Get Free Legal Help?

There are a lot of legal sites on the internet.

Access to Justice

A good starting point is the Australian Government’s Access to Justice Site.

At this site, you can search for free legal help based on your location and your type of problem.

National Legal Aid

Legal Aid Commissions often have a lot of information on their sites about the law and everyday problems as well as information about their services.  From the National Legal Aid site you can find a link to legal aid commissions in each state and territory.

National Association of Community Legal Centres

Community Legal Centres provide free legal help across Australia.  The site for the National Association of Community Legal Centres  has a list of all community legal centres in Australia, and some useful information links.

Sometimes it can be hard to find the information you need, and hard to work out what bits apply to you.  Our Legal Diagnosis and Legal Advice services include directing you to free legal services and websites that can help you.