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How are we different to on line legal services?

We are not just a gateway or referral service.

All of the people you speak to work for Affording Justice directly.  We recruit carefully and train comprehensively.  We supervise all work and have quality control systems in place.

We do not provide any service without speaking to you personally.

In our experience, providing advice by email or web chat can be risky.  By talking to you, we make sure we are fully aware of all of your circumstances, before we offer you any diagnosis or advice.

We do not sell do-it-yourself kits.

We use precedent documents to keep our fees affordable, but we do not sell these as do-it-yourself kits.  The value we provide is in the adaptation of these documents to your particular circumstances.

We do not offer any free services to entice you to use our other services.

It costs money to provide quality legal services, and the only way that some services can be “free” is if the costs of the free service are being picked up as an overhead on some other service.  We don’t do this.  We charge a fee for all of our services, but those fees are transparent and we strive to keep them reasonable and affordable.