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How are we different to Legal Aid and other free legal services?

You may be able to get similar services to the ones we offer for free from Legal Aid agencies or Community Legal Centres.  We encourage you to use those services where you are eligible and where they meet your needs.

However, we know that free legal services struggle to meet demand.  The Australian Council for Social Services Australian Community Sector Surveys repeatedly show a high  turn away rate for people seeking legal help from community services.

With our service, because we charge a fee, we are able to adjust our resources to meet demand, meaning you will always get help within a reasonable time.  We are also able to spend more time with you than many of the free services that have to stretch their resources to try and meet demand.

If you are in a position to choose our service, we do our best to ensure you receive good value for money.  We do this by providing a high quality service that adjusts to meet your needs.  We value your time, so we fit around your schedule.