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Have you ever wanted to stop telemarketing calls?

There is something you can do about all those phone calls wanting to sell you things.  The Do Not Call Register, run by the Australian Communications and Media Authority , allows you to greatly reduce the number of telemarketing calls you receive.

So, if you are being disturbed by telemarketing calls, you can take action to stop them.  There is a simple on line process to register your number.

Once your number is registered,  telemarketers cannot call you.  The exceptions are charities, political parties and educational institutions, so you are still likely to receive calls from them.  If you have an existing relationship with a business, they are still allowed to contact you for telemarketing, but when they do you can advise them you do not want to be contacted in future.

You can only register numbers used for private purposes, not business numbers.

And if you find you miss the calls, you can always remove your number from the register.

You can find out more information about the Do Not Call Register and about other restrictions on telemarketing at the ACMA website.