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When can Legal Diagnosis Help?

Legal Diagnosis is the name we give to our innovative service where you talk to a lawyer to get an idea of where you stand and what can be done about your problem.  Think of it like a visit to your GP. You get to ask about something that’s bothering you, and if it’s straightforward we can give you enough advice to get back on track to deal with your legal issue.  If it’s more complex and you need something else – a longer consultation or a referral to a specialist – we’ll discuss that with you and give you some options.

The idea behind Legal Diagnosis is to make getting some initial professional legal advice accessible to everyone.  We offer appointments by telephone or skype.  Before your appointment, we’ll send you a form to complete on-line giving us a bit of background about your problem so that the time you spend talking to the lawyer is more useful. Our current fee for Legal Diagnosis is $40 if you complete our on-line form.  We invoice you the $40 fee at the end of the appointment, and after your invoice is paid, we send you a copy of the notes of your conversation with the lawyer so you have a record of our advice and a summary of the next steps to take.

Legal Diagnosis is a good starting point for many legal problems.  You can call us to talk about whether Legal Diagnosis can help with your problem, or you can submit a web inquiry using our contact form.  If we don’t think we can help, we’ll tell you that right away.  If we think we can help, we’ll offer you an appointment to talk to a lawyer.